How To Survive South Florida's No Wind Summers

How To Survive South Florida's No Wind Summers

No wind and summer blues got you down?

(Summer months and the dreaded off season) June - September

If you are like us here in South Florida you are probably pulling your hair out dreaming of wind. It's hard not being able to kite everyday. Especially watching what seems like the whole world doing kite loops, handle passes, and shredding nuking winds all over social media. 

Well what can I do to get my fix?!

The solution? 

#1 - TRAVEL!

Here is a list of some of our favorite spots by month.

May - Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (OBX)

June - Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (OBX) ; Dominican Republic, Cabarete/Buen Hombre ; Maui, Hawaii

July - Dominican Republic, Cabarete/Buen Hombre ; Maui, Hawaii ; Hood River, Oregon

August - Dominican Republic, Cabarete/Buen Hombre ; Maui, Hawaii ; Brazil ; Hood River, Oregon

September - Maui, Hawaii ; Brazil ; Hood River, Oregon

- Epic Adventures offers trips and exclusive events to each of the above. Follow the social media pages to stay updated or contact for more info 

#2 - Learn to hydrofoil!

Our second favorite way to avoid the summer blues is to grab yourself a hydrofoil and enjoy those light wind sessions! Here in South Florida we are lucky enough to get a light sea breeze (5-14 knots) every afternoon. Grab a 9-14 meter kite and go enjoy!

Generally speaking, when foiling you want to be on a kite that is 2 meters smaller than what you would normally be riding on a twin tip. We do suggest taking a lesson as it can be dangerous. If you are going to venture out on your own we HIGHLY recommend an impact vest and a helmet. We also recommend starting on a shorter mast 40-60cm before jumping onto a 80cm+ mast.

The key to progressing on the foil is starting slow. Start by riding flat and keeping your weight forward. Try to avoid riding with a heel side edge like you would with a twin tip. If you edge too hard the foil can shoot out of the water and you expose yourself to getting injured. Once you get the feel of the mast and wing under water start allowing more weight on your back foot. Allow the board to rise up slowly. If the board shoots up too quickly or comes out of the water put more pressure on your front foot and bar out. 

When you do fall always try to jump away from the foil and to protect your face.

Our top pick for an easy foil to learn on is:

2018 Cabrinha Double Agent with 60cm mast

We do teach hydrofoil lessons to help you get foiling faster.

Hopefully this helps with your summer blues and encourages you to get out there and kite!

For more information on hydrofoil lessons, kiteboarding adventure retreats and summer events contact us.


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