Meet Nick

I am a professional kiteboarder and veteran instructor. I have been teaching for many years and love sharing my passion and experience with others. My love for the ocean and action sports began at birth, and I was lucky enough to be born and raised a Florida native. I spent most of my childhood exploring the waters and islands of the Florida Keys. During that time I raced jet skis and earned multiple first place medals. Learned to wakeboard with pro riders such as Shawn Watson. Explored scuba diving, rock climbing, and skydiving. Action sports and the thirst for adventure is what led me to fall in love with kiteboarding. I've travelled to various places around the world kiteboarding, teaching and exploring. I lived in Costa Rica teaching in 25+ knot winds, the Great Lakes of Michigan and New York teaching and exploring.  I've traveled to almost all 50 states. Explored St Croix, St Thomas, the British Virgin Islands, USVI, Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico and Dominican Republic to name a few. I've organized and set a world record kiteboarding on hydrofoil across the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to the Bahamas. Through my travels I've gained knowledge and experience in a wide variety of conditions. I'm here to share my passion, experience and knowledge with you.