Professional athletes here to teach you how to harness the power of the wind through our experience and passion.

Follow our lesson guidelines below to understand what your kiteboarding journey looks like. 


Beginners or those new to kiteboarding will start their first lessons with Step 1: Ground School (2.5 hours). This is the foundation for kiteboarding. Teaches the wind, equipment, safety systems, flight control and more.

After completing Ground School students move on to Step 2: Beginner Water Lessons (3-9 hours). In the water you learn relaunching, body dragging, moving the kite throughout the power zone, board theory, riding both directions and practicing riding upwind. The average student take about 9 hours total start to finish.

Once able to get up and practice riding we suggest students look into buying gear or renting gear, both of which we offer.

After being able to ride and stay upwind it's time for Step 3: Intermediate - Advanced lessons. These lessons help you learn transitions, toeside, carving, jumping, backrolls and more. This is where you really start to explore what kiteboarding has to offer!

The last step to becoming a proficient kiteboarder is our Ride Along Lessons. After you have been practicing and or riding for an extended period of time most people want to perfect a skill, tricks or learn something new. These lessons are 1 on 1 with a Pro rider who rides their own kite next to you while you ride your own. Our BBtalkin bluetooth headsets and helmets enable us to openly communicate with the student in real time while out on the water. This enables our instructors to explain the trick or skill step by step, then demonstrate how to perform it. This is the quickest way to learn or perfect a new trick or skill. 

Experience what the greatest sport on earth has to offer you by choosing your course below!

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