KITEBOARDING & ADVENTURE RETREATS

Welcome to the Epic Adventures Retreat page! Here we take the hassle out of traveling, we offer all inclusive packages to the best locations. Ride amazing locations, learn how to kite, and explore different countries and locations around the world. We are all about fun and safety here at Epic Adventures. We know you're busy, let us do the hard work and you just enjoy!


                                                             COSTA RICA

Known as the 8th windiest place in the world! This unique spot offers strong warm  winds 25+ KTS. Temperatures average around 81˚F (27˚C) and winds provide a cool breeze at night. Ride with massive sea turtles and even Humpback Whales. Cruise down a volcano on a Mountain bike, go white water river tubing, second to none scuba diving, and explore ancient petroglyphs. 

5, 7, AND 10 DAY TRIPS AVAILABLE              



Join us in the Caribbean's second largest nation! Warm weather 77˚- 83˚F (25˚- 28˚C), consistent winds 20-30KTS. Explore the 7 Unknown Islands, Paradise Island, scuba diving sunken ships, downwinders to the windiest place in the Dominican Republic, swim in the 27 waterfalls, or hop on a Moto and explore the countryside and surrounding villages.