Crazyfly Addict 136cm Wakestyle Kiteboard with Cabrinha H3 boots
Crazyfly Addict 136cm Wakestyle Kiteboard with Cabrinha H3 boots
Crazyfly Addict 136cm Wakestyle Kiteboard with Cabrinha H3 boots

Crazyfly Addict 136cm Wakestyle Kiteboard with Cabrinha H3 boots

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2016 Crazyfly Addict Kiteboard 136cm with Cabrinha H3 boots (SIZE 10)


Looking for a budget friendly option to get into freestyle/wakestyle?
An experienced kitesurfer looking for a high performance crossover board?
Searching for the perfect board with boots for kiteboarding and the cable park?
This Crazyfly Addict with H3 Boots will solve your problem!
CrazyFly have been producing boards for a long time now, and their latest offerings are at the pinnacle of design and performance. The Addict is new for 2016, replacing both the Nuke and Pro Tour within the range. The Addict has been designed as an all-out wakestyle, freestyle board.
It is a high-performance offering designed for those who are looking to be at the top of their game. The board can be ridden with bindings, but also comes equipped with the well-engineered ‘Hexa’ pad and strap set. 3cm fins come as standard, but the board is equally at home ridden finless, due to the super grippy right-angled channels on the tips.
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